The National Commission on Allied Health was established in 1990. We have over 40 years of experience in providing degreed staffing and experience in the health professions. Our staff is experienced teachers, health care providers, and medical educators. We are dedicated to quality education. Our membership has grown from 1000 to over 50,000 and we continue to grow. Our commitment to our members and employers make us who we are today. We are dedicated to serving our members' needs, and our goal is 100% member satisfaction.

Our Mission

We are here to fill a need for health care employers and agencies to locate and hire health care professionals. We are a depot for those healthcare employers and agencies looking to find quality health care professionals through testing and standardized credentials.

What We Do

After successfully completing and passing certifying examinations, our members are adorned with certificates that they may proudly display along with a wallet-sized identification card with their academic credentials.

In addition here are the benefits of being a member of the National Commission on Allied Health with quality assurance.

For Members

Assistance with career choices to meet their goals Your credentials are visible to employers seeking allied health professionals Job placement assistance Personal Income Tax Preparation at a reduced cost Access to Continuing Medical Education Seminars (Click HERE) ——> this should go to a RESOURCES PAGE

For Employers

Access to a qualified allied health professional
Your organizational information added to our directory (Click on Directory to add your information)